As I did not become a millionaire.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Folk wisdom says that personal experience is the best, but only fools learn exclusively on it. The readers of my canal, of course, are not at all fools so surely you will be happy to deal with my mistakes.

It’s not for nothing that it is believed that everyone in life falls a chance to get rich. At least, as for me, even a few have fallen such chances. Only one thing is in computer games in such cases there is a pleasant sound of the fanfar and visible spooles salute, and in real life you pass past this chance and only after a few years you beat yourself with a fist on my forehead and say «My God! Where was my brain !!! What did I think then?! Well, how could I miss this chance of my life?! «


The story is the first. Let’s call it

… For the first time, fate tried me to obstose in very young years. I was only 25 years old, I just moved to work for a new place and our chief accountant was a wise woman who was in my mother. Apparently, the maternal instinct and women’s kindness and suddenness pushed her to make a good deed. Once for a cup of coffee, we talked about finances, and she read me a short investment lecture. The whole essence of this lecture was reduced to two nomensions: «Sasha, to all of your money you have to buy Sberbank’s shares. And keep these shares, in no case selling. It will take several years, and you will be very rich. «

Oh, holy, wonderful woman who almost fulfilled the role of my fairy-godfather (we note in brackets — if I just followed her advice — she would have coped with this role).

But I was small and stupid. In the courtyard stood 2003. Purchase of stocks seemed something as exotic as a flight to the moon. I had about five thousand dollars. And it seemed to me that such a tiny capital was just ridiculous. Funny … It’s funny now it seems not to buy the shares of the Sber in those kopecks for which they were then sold. Well … before hearing the right advice and they should take advantage of a man too.

So I had a real chance, but did not become a millionaire for the first time.

History Second. Let’s call it

… The years went, and the career and the career and the quarry, and he went to the mountain. There were savings that I kept in that Sberbank, whose shares I didn’t buy so ravenly))

If people have already ordered those glorious times, I remind you — there was such a period in our homeland’s life, when the ruble strengthened the dollar from year to year, oil was more expensive and we all radiated optimism and kept savings in rubles. But everything is good or later ends and comes August 2008. The people have observed some panic, which I, I confess, succumbed. Given the fact that the lawyers are paranoia — a professional disease and we are always inclined to see everything in the Black Light, it was hard for me to restrain my emotions.

My office was not far from the central building of Sberbank, so it was in the central building of Sberbank that was his blood, hoping to remove them from the deposit and immediately exchange for freely convertible currency. It should be noted that my savings were already pretty great to that time and I really didn’t want to lose them.

Next began the shaped circus. The central office of Sberbank is most similar to the usual Sberkass, only the increased once in ten. Accordingly, ten times more visitors, employees, chaos and brown movement. Calculate the queue for receiving his deposit in the cashier — and in the Central Sberbank, this is the usual window «in front of the amazed public,» not even a separate room — I learned that there are no 5000-bills at the box office. More prompt contributors are all disassembled. Well, well — well, in principle there is money. Let’s give a thousand-log. I was prudent enough and grabbed a briefcase with him. Opanki — the trouble came from where they did not wait — the money in the portfolio does not fit … well, that is, in principle, they fit … Only the portfolio is not fastened and it can be seen that it will be filled with packs of money. OK. There is nowhere to go — I just turn to the exchanger (here, in this office, we’ll see there).

And only ending in the queue in the exchanger, I completely calmed down and realized that I was with my pathetic portfolio stuffed with thousands of thousands of banks, no one today would be robbed. And how I understood it, you ask ??? Elementary, Watson — in front of me in line (in line at the exchange of currency!) There was a few people with huge checkered bags that shunks usually ride. So I, with my unfortunate portfolio, looked clearly not the main candidate for the robbery. So it was a wonderful day.

And why this story goes in the category «How did I not become a millionaire»? Yes, because the clever man on this day did not panic and bought the Swiss francs, and squeezing his teeth and without losing calm bought the shares of that Sberbank himself, from which I cowardly endured my savings. And these most shares literally went up to 6-7 times over the next year.

So I had a real chance, but did not become a millionaire for the second time.

The third story. Let’s call it

Passed another year. I had an interest in investment for a long time large enough, but I was always interested in something very safe — such a physical gold and real estate appeared at that stage of my development. And now, somehow, reading the site about gold and investment in gold, I came across (I remind it — walked in 2009) on an article about such an exotic subject as Bitcoin. Due to the fact that the final number of bitcoins issued was assumed, the authors considered that the idea of ​​this invented subject was similar to the idea of ​​gold, so they mentioned the curiosity on their website. I’m afraid to lie, but, in my opinion, Bitcoin then cost about 5 cents per coin. The authors enthusiastically wrote about the first enthusiasts that make deals with this digital «fellow» of gold and expressed the bold thought that under some conditions this payment means can «shoot» and eat very much.

I wanted to participate in this lottery, and I decided to invest a hundred dollars in Bitcoins. For two days, I tried to figure out in my free time, how to start the Bitcoin wallet and translate money there (yes, dear readers, then this, first, was not so simple, as now, and secondly — I am hopeless humanitarian). On the third day I gave up and threw my attempts. Of course, the form of these attempts says that I did not have a huge faith in Bitcoin — nothing bothered to hire an Aytichnik, so that he figured out with the hectares of the settings of the Bitcoin wallet. But the fact remains a fact — the investment plan of a hundred dollars in Bitcoins was thrown from laziness and lack of perseverance. One hundred dollars would give about two thousand bitcoins, each of which at the time of writing this material costs approximately nineteen thousand dollars. TOTAL thirty-eight million dollars are sacrificed to the laziness and lack of perseverance. We must learn to bring your plans to the end.

So I had a real chance, but did not become a millionaire for the third time.

Well, these stories are already behind. And ahead of new opportunities. And now there is an experience that will help me and my readers become real millionaires))