As a simple person to become an investor.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Do not burn gods burn»

Folk wisdom

Now, not the first person writes to me in a personal that the channel «Unreal Millionaire» is not very easy to read a person, which is completely distant from the world of investments. True, about readers who want only to start their way into the wonderful world of financial literacy and cash investments I am pleased to «go» in personal correspondence and comments, always giving any detailed answers and consultations, as far as I have enough mind and knowledge, but here Not a single special material addressed to them on the channel has not yet been.

I decided to do this: this post will be so small «alphabet of a novice investor.» At the same time, that the poor novice investor is immediately horrified and did not escape in a panic from what kind of new knowledge, the terms and abilities he will have to take, I’m going to break the actions of our potential investor to «steps».

I will not hide — this is not I invented the bike — I spied such a principle of anonymous alcoholics in the United States and Europe. Fight with a big and difficult addiction is easier step by step. Or as the old children’s «wisdom» says — an elephant is the easiest way to eat in parts — a slice behind a slice)) In the end, we are also going to fight human dependencies — at best, with dependence on deposits (I’m silent about creditation and shopogolism who interfere with the average citizens to get rich))

So let’s try. Let’s see how the fate of the new investor who has come to the securities market is developing in 12 steps.

Step 1.

Well, the first step is made. Next should go like oil))

Step 2.

Step 3. Selection of broker, platforms and opening brokerage accounts

Step 4. Open IIS and (preferably) to make 400 thousand

Step 5. Buy Absolutely Safe Offs

Step 6. Buy a little more risky corporate bonds

Step 7. To buy first stocks — first ETF.

His very seductive it seemed to own shares in companies. But she was afraid — did not take his strength. Yes, and broker dissuaded — advised to take ETF — the Foundation. There are immediately all the shares of all companies included in the index. I took our Vasily ETF SBMX and on this seventh step of its initiation in investors ended.

Step 8. Buy specific shares

Step 9. View in 2 echelon

Step 10. High-yield bonds

Step 11. Buy US shares on the mosser

Shog 12. IPO

See how time rushing? Whether he could only sign the Deposit Treaty, but now takes part in IPIO and is going to become