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After his friends were informed that the incident was partly Spinner's fault, they turned on him, but since then, he has changed his ways and has been forgiven.

Spinner suffers from ADHD, but takes Ritalin for it.

Additional friends of his include Terri Mac Gregor, Paige and Dylan Michalchuk, Hazel Aden, Ashley Kerwin, Ellie Nash, Sav Bhandari, Danny Van Zandt, Craig Manning, Peter Stone, Manny Santos, Lucas Valieri, and Holly J. He developed more into a jock in seasons two and three.

By season four, he had grown his hair long and started playing in a band with Craig, Jimmy and Marco and became a rocker/rebel and has kept the persona throughout the rest of the show.

With the exception of the story he told Rick before Jimmy's shooting, Spinner is shown to be an inept liar, as both Jane and Jimmy are shown to be able to read him with ease.

His nickname "Spinner" derives from his ADHD, most likely given to him by his friends, because when he was off his meds, he would "spin" out of control.

However, the lack of medication caused Spinner's ADHD to go into overdrive during the game and he eventually moons the student body.

Both Jimmy and Spinner are penalized heavily for their actions.

Nelson (Grandmother-in-law)Emma Nelson (Wife)Paige Michalchuk (Ex-Girlfriend)Manny Santos (Ex-Girlfriend)Darcy Edwards (Ex-Girlfriend)Jane Vaughn (Ex-Girlfriend) Ellie Nash (Former Attraction)Terri Mac Gregor (Kissed, Former Attraction) Gavin Reginald "Spinner" Mason (born 1988) is a Class of 2007 graduate of Degrassi Community School, who works at and manages The Dot. Spinner was at first depicted as a bully, which unfortunately led to his involvement with an infamous incident, where one student died and his best friend, Jimmy Brooks, became paralyzed from the waist down.

At the beginning of season two, while helping Emma with her science project on eating healthy food, Spinner continuously gets a boner (erection) every time a girl walks by and thinks that it is a side effect from eating Emma's health food.

He has one during class while performing a skit in front of everybody. Kwan and the students see it sticking out and all laugh. Jimmy and Sheila (the lunch lady) later tell Spinner it's not the healthy food causing his erection, but simply hormones.

His best friend in the first several seasons is Jimmy Brooks.

Spinner's actions led in part to Jimmy becoming a paraplegic after the school shooting, but Jimmy eventually forgave Spinner after holding a grudge against him for more than a year.

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Although Terri had a crush on Spinner as well, she told him she was not going to go to the dance.

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