Alex benzer tao of dating

Alex benzer tao of dating

Why have masks played such a large role throughout culture? After the talks we’ll launch into an after party with music, art & more! / Psychiatrist, DMR Dynamics Blacklight Room: The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience is an immersive art installation featuring fluorescent murals that come to life with incredible depth using special glasses. / Entry, Descent and Landing Lead, Mars Science Laboratory Mission, Jet Propulsion Laboratory The Why – and How – of JPL’s Most Advanced Lander Yet Matt Clausen / Art Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Making Data Beautiful, Comprehendible… Alexander Smith / Web Developer II, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS“Mars Rover Landing” allows players to take control of Curiosity’s spacecraft as it streaks through the Red Planet’s atmosphere on a harrowing journey that mission engineers have dubbed “seven minutes of terror.” Art at the Nanoscale David Brown/ Ph.Identity: Minds Behind Masks Douglas Campbell / Co-Founder & Curator, Mindshare LAThe Grey Area of Identity Dale A. Musical Acts: Insane Masups from DJ Shy Boy and live gypsy jazz from AK & Her Kalashnikovs Artists included: John Park, Armando Rosette, Eric Gradman, Matt Elson, Michael Spezialy, We Are Matik, Consolidated Pixel, Dan Busby and Crashspace. Recent Loop National Champion Super Tall Paul, Wise Guys, Julie Roth Facepainting as well as delicious food from Cherie Rae from Peace Yoga Gallery, Floutas from Ensenada Restaurant and a Hoop Jam with Ashley! D.c, Applied Physics, Cal Tech A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Artist Dennis Callahan/ Ph.Since 2006 Mindshare LA has held hundreds of workshops, salons and movie screenings that gathered hundreds of Angelenos for evenings of inspiration and interaction.Our most popular salon-style events include short eclectic presentations, live music and interactive installations.Pehr Hovey, Dick Whitney and Brent Bushnell will also be showing projects. Hartley will discuss the sex-positive feminist idea of sexual freedom as a key component of female freedom and equality.DISCUSSION TABLES: after program there will be breakout discussions JULY 15th 2010Frances Arnold, a Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at Cal Tech, is taking Darwinism into the future by researching and designing evolution algorithms to fuel a process of ? Arnold will speak about Molecular Sex and How to Construct Things You Don? Eduardo Caccia, is a self described “Any Possibility Officer” at Mindcode, a company he founded with the objective to maximize brand value for clients by revealing an innate, profound understanding of their markets. PERFORMANCES, VIDEOS & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSBob Reynoldsand his Jazz troupe will be playing as people arrive.INTERACTIVE: Syyner David Guttman ‘s audio reactive graphics.

4 Wheels, 1 Mic and You: RVIP Lounge Paige Nesbitt / Blogger, Martini Rescue Squad The Dos and Don?How Sex, the Red Queen and Parasites Control the World PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONS Live Jazz from Om Knee Bus as well as an interstitial performance by Benny Parkes, soulful guitarist.INTERACTIVE: Syyners Eric Gradman, Brent Bushnell, David Guttman and Quin Cabalquinto display work!September 17th 2010Mike Dooley/ VP of Product & Marketing Development, Evolution Robotics Alicia Danforth/ Ph. candidate & Research Associate, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute Azhar Hussain/ Founder, TTXGPAndrew Macgregor/ Founder, Tiziano Project Barry Martin / LA Outback & LIVE DEMO by Debra Wilson PERFORMANCES & INTERACTIVE INSTALLATIONSMUSIC: Boom Boom Boom Band INTERACTIVE: Installations include: Syyn Labs (Punching Bob by Dick Whitney, Projections by Pehr Hovey and Adam Croston & the Virsix Game Table), Bio Ryhthm and interactive video techniques from Escomo.DISCUSSION TABLES:after program there will be breakout discussions Beautiful video work from Scott Pagano of neither-field. Zak / Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Claremont Graduate University The Moral Molecule: Love and Connection in the Age of the Internet Taylor Krauss / Founder, Voices of Rwanda On the Limits and Possibilities of Oral History Micki Krimmel / Founder & CEO, Neighbor How to Save Money, Live More Sustainably, and Stick it to the Man Through Sharing.

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William Pomerantz/ Vice President, Special Projects at Virgin Galactic Building the Future of Space Exploration Dr. Nuclear will be setting up his interactive whiteboard.

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