Agnostic dating mormon

Agnostic dating mormon

It quickly became apparent that an honest inquiry and willingness to accept that the Church may not be true was all that was needed to completely dismantle everything I’d been taught about Mormonism my entire life of nearly forty years.From my research and pondering it didn’t take long to go from losing my Mormon beliefs to losing my belief in God entirely.The following is a guest post by “Lehi,” an ex-Mormon atheist who was willing to share his story here. I allow readers to be pretty nasty to me before I show them the door.

It was at this point I realized I was at a crossroads.

She, too, was upset and agreed it was definitely not something she would like to support.

What she said following this, however, has haunted me ever since.

Thoughtful inquiry and respectful analysis are welcome. Should any of you have follow-up questions for Lehi, please do leave them below as part of my goal for guest posts is to stimulate the exchange of ideas. The moment our marriage took a turn was in 2008 during the Prop 8 campaign in California.

This is my story of the challenges of being an ex-Mormon atheist married to a life long and devoted Mormon. (Prop 8 was a ballot proposition to eliminate the rights of same sex couples to legally marry.) During sacrament meeting, our ward Bishop read a letter from the pulpit written by the First Presidency.

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