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Hannah couldn't be left on her own if her mum wasn't going to be back till quite late, as she had to be put into her nappy before bed.If Louise or Allie couldn't do it, then one of Hannah's friends would come over or Hannah would stay at a friend's house.

Anyway I'm going to set off now, then I can meet my friends before the seminar" "Ok sweetie. Hannah went downstairs and grabbed her bag and keys.

She had been potty trained for the daytime at about two and a half, but four years ago when Hannah was 14, after the death of her father she started to have accidents in the daytime.

Now she wore pull-ups to university and to go out anywhere. She couldn't change her own nappies, so someone else always had to do it.

Of the men that e-mailed her, she started e-mailing one of them regularly, and within the week they were talking on the phone for ages most evenings. Jackie went up to her room to talk leaving Hannah downstairs watching TV. Her nappy was already wet, but she hadn't been changed. She was sat on the sofa so she tried to go like that, but couldn't. When she had done, she sat on the floor and mushed it up making it more comfortable. Once downstairs Hannah lay down on the sofa and put her thumb in her mouth.

Hannah got off the sofa and kneeling on the floor lent forward holding onto the sofa. She was hoping that her mum would come down and take her to be changed. She had cleaned Hannah, so she rolled up the nappy and put it in a plastic bag along with the wipes, and then put the bag in the rubbish bin that was used as Hannah's nappy pail. "Will you be alright if I go back and talk to Simon for a bit? She had a dummy, but she knew that her mum didn't like her using it.

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Although Hannah did like to poop in her nappies and she liked to mush it up and sit in it for a while, she hated sitting in it for too long as she would get nappy rash, which she hated. She's gone now, but I have to pee, so is it all right if I hang up. Hannah lifted up her butt and Jackie put the fresh nappy under, then she powdered Hannah. She would only be allowed to use that or any other baby things as a reward for something.

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