A portfolio of 35 million as I lost money and was a currency mortgage.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«It is better to lose with smartly than with a fool to find.»

Folk wisdom

Smart people have long known — one of the easiest ways to earn a million — publish a book in a beautiful binding with a catchy name «How to earn a million». And make money on the sale of this book by Million Circulation. The great Kiyosaka himself, without being causing Lukevo, went to the wealth of this particular path — and this guru will not teach the bad thing, it is known to all novice investors)))

But it seems that I could make a fresh stream in the sad rows of bookshelves crowded with literature in style: «

Because I can make a completely unique bestseller. «

My path at least to some success in the field of money investments was so terly as possible. Carefully followed me a colleague at work at all came to one conclusion, in which he is now convinced absolutely firmly and even the current temporary successes cannot be convinced. His conclusion is solid «

Since in the comments on one side, the observation flashed on one side, that I earned a lot of money on successful speculation, and on the other hand, there were a lot of people who would enjoy read how the author will lose money, then I had the idea of this post.

On the one hand, to warp redundantly optimistic readers, showing it on my example, how sad it is often the fate of a novice investor (and the worse — entrepreneur), and on the other hand — to please the tale of the story about my numerous failures and losses — but it is already directly inconvenient . They have in the comments on this topic to fantasize as concerned adolescents)), and why — let’s give them a real platform for exercises in the crosses that we are not humanists, or something)))

So … children and nervous we advise you to retire from the screens))

Real estate…

Almost all of my unsuccessful investments were associated with it. One of my familiar, very lucky speculator real estate, believes that real estate is a mystical essence. And she does not love me ((well, so with the fact that she does not like to argue difficult to argue.

The first «wonderful» investment

And then the construction was suddenly frozen. Completed it, by the way, only after 8 years. So long I did not wait. Places sold. Without a huge residential complex under construction, but with a bunch of such as I am a mountain-investor, trying to sell our parking lot, it is not difficult to guess that the prices for the parking lot fell. Hello, first loss and first experience)))

But who learns right away? It was necessary to continue. Failed with the downloads — not trouble.

Since the client acting by the investor of this project, wanted me to risk a «skin», then I demanded a 10% project from me. So we began to build two cottages in New Riga.

There was a terrible mistake. Customer — Millionaire — performed the last instance in all matters. And when choosing a project, he insisted on the construction of houses not by 200-250 meters, and 400. The essence was whether it does not catch this strange construction magic at that time) that when the house is already being built , By and large, the difference of 250 meters in it will be or 400 almost no (from the point of view of cost without finishing). Well, we decided our main partner that 400 is better than 250. And we did not find that he would argue. And they were, as life showed, Aaafigenna is wrong))))

When the houses were completed and it was time to sell them, we began to show them. Shot was not from those who wish to see. Everyone watched and looking for a catch: the price was not much higher than for the same house with an area of 150 meters less. The trick did not find. Here is the house. Here is a plot. 15 acres. In the village. All communications.

People went to think. Think. And no one returned. I started to call them myself — what is wrong, the people ??? And you know what ??? But our 400 meters were not ok)))

People after watching began to count. And the contingent of buyers is not a millionaires — the house is not in the elite village. At first, then they liked the 400 meter house very much — it’s a big one, much more than a neighbor))) and then they sit and think. Extra 150 meters of finishes. Each winter is extra 150 meters to hide. Nafig ??? Yes, they don’t need them for free (((

And that’s it. We depended with these houses, as with illiquid. Sell close to the cost. Two years of torment, driving, nervous, and missed benefits only went to the loss. And almost without loss)))

Well, what if … apartments

He asked for money. It turned out that I was completely creditworthy — I received 200 thousand dollars at 8% per annum. You ask why I did not lent in rubles? A good question)) in rubles I was not given. Yes, and under 16% offered — also did not give))

So I became a currency mortgage in 2014 … Excellent, I must say, time chose))) When I took a debt 200 thousand dollars were my annual income and did not seem terrible amount. In addition, I hoped to sell all the apartments during the year or two and quickly pay off the debts. Naive))

When 2014 approached the end the picture was somewhat gloomy. 200 thousand dollars from annual income turned into a three-year-old (salary lost weight together with the course, and the awards disappeared «as a dream, like morning fog»), and the construction of the apartment was frozen …

Now we have the end of 2020. I have already returned the debts, the apartments still sell and taking into account the paid interest seems to be able to go out in dollars almost in zero.

Only six years of hassle. Only four years of savings and no vacations … Mdaaa … «Invest with us, investing how we are investing better than us»))))

But the client highly appreciated my solvency)) When I suggested to quickly pay meters instead of money, he refused, assured that my personal commitments are satisfied with it, and I can not rush with the calculations)) Can I release bonds? ))

Well, the cherry on the cake is my favorite story — as I participated in the development of the Appstore application market. With my best friend, we tried on the general wave of enthusiasm applications and their development, too, break into this market. As the two naive Chukotka boys, we scared our money into a bunch, found great creative young guys with burning eyes, and they at our expense sat down «saw applications». In order not to make a novel from this post — Personally, I lost 170 thousand dollars on this bowl, and my friend is much smarter than me, so he lost less))

The conclusion that I did for myself (besides the fact that I am categorically not gung to entrepreneurs) — there are no programmers in Russia. For a completely understandable reason — if you know how to program, then there is not a single argument for doing this in the cold Moscow and for three kopecks, and not in the hot california for a bunch of money)) A constantly departing application Sber Investor — confirms the right of my conclusions every day ))

But do not despair, friends, if investing with the mind and regularly, even on such a buggy application you can become