A portfolio for 40 million overview for January 2021 and a gift to his birthday

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«My best present is you!».

(c) from m / f «Well, wait.»

It seems that the new year was recently celebrated, and at the same time, the portfolio looked at — and January was given to so saturated that now and not recognize the old good portfolio))

To begin, we run on sales, in a nutshell, they did not specifically documented, I will not stop in detail, and only then we will talk about procurement with savory — after all, our shopaholics, do not eat bread — let me chat with bread))


Surgutneftegaz pref was also sent to the exit. Things about him were long and painful. And the decision itself is the same ambiguous as the action. Judge for yourself — on the one hand, with a guarantee «arrive» in the summer of 15% of the divov. This is a rather big plus. On the other hand, then the paper will again remain as a suitcase without a handle (the diva is wonderful due to the fabulous successes of the oil company in its direct activity, but the reassessment of the notorious currency «Cuby»).

The initial plan of all of these introductory was to sell Surgut Pref at the end of winter-early spring, when people closer to dives will begin to increase the price of stocks. But the heart could not stand such a long wait. When Trump promised to be friendly to give the keys to the keys to the White House and became calm for the further fate of the American IPIO — sold on 42.20. In short, I did not wait for generous dividends — he chased for the Zhuravl in the sky — for the CPIF FPR))

In the sidewall of MTS, which was also not walked at the sidewall — and although he really asked him to not sell him, and she promised to grow (especially after the February extraordinary meeting of shareholders) But I remembered him evilly that he promised him in autumn, and WHO and now there. So it was sold to MTS «With the hammer» completely underestimated hand at the same good deed

In general, the mobilization of money for the benefit of ZPIF FPR was universal — under the slogan «Everything for the front, everything is for victory!» Even a gift set of shares of viatrix was launched under the knife.

So I cheerfully bought a decent amount of FPR shares and now patiently waiting for his further breathtaking growth. You understand yourself — no one is waiting for such an asset)) Of course, as in a good thriller, he must first torture us with the expectation, to obey «Suspantly», to fall a little, not without it — but we believe in it and wait for it new heights.

All purchases except IPF FPR, passed last Friday, which is still fresh in memory. The market fell a little longer for all week, and on Friday, he decided that «little girl» is not serious, you can speed up a little. So I, for example, the market confused all the cards.

From the planned purchases, I did only one — a long time ago I was going to buy Sovkobflot, but everything somehow rolled: the price seemed to fall even lower, then I thought about it — where he will have a profit in 2021, if the volume of oil transportation falls below the plinth. And here my birthday just arrived, well, I thought — it is necessary! Still, I am a sailor in the third generation, no matter how cool — two generations of marine officers in history, and he himself received a «high» title «Yacht Steering Third Class» with a SMUSSHOR)) So the Issuer with the Flot ticker — well, no I could not pass by me. This is fate, it is impossible to resist her. It is also necessary to allow yourself to allow the collection of shares to replenish the collection of shares. Along with RusHydro is a company with the most beautiful assets. Such and possess nice))

In general, according to Plan, I made myself a wonderful birthday present.

And the rest of the procurement, as I said, went completely not according to plan.

Well, what are the plans here, if suddenly it turned out suddenly, that Norilskon is selling 24400? I had to take. Two million took.

Further, the eyes scattered. Such a certain temptation, as Nickel was not, but everything I wanted to «keep up.» Well, did not deny yourself the pleasure)) the remaining means distributed in fraternally between RusHydro, Rusagro, Polymetal and Tatneft. Yes, even Tatneft, Syrote, got a little money — under her promises of fatty dividends and for the averaging of her unhealthy price.

Now I want to look at the next week — this is where the intrigue. If the correction is already over — well, thank God, back to the routine plans for the non-sustain purchase of Rusagro and RusHydro. But if the fall will continue, then the most luxury is still ahead. After a while I hope to get more money from the real estate, and then if the correction is directly real and deep — we will turn on «at William, our Shakespeare» — I have long drooling in Severstal, only the price scares. Yes, and the prefine prefine at a good price I would also take to the collection.

But the main thing is Severstal. No wonder our people say — the spring day — the year feeds)) if there is a powerful drawdown — it will be necessary to slow her carefully, to then get her juicy dividends four times a year and every time you praise yourself — what are you well done that you bought such a good Promotion at such a great price. Here are so people and become