A portfolio for 35 million decided to get dividends ahead of schedule.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл


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(Russian folk wisdom)

Well, what to tell you, dear readers. After all, I have nothing and excuses.

After all, I fully felt my responsibility to society. As the chief editor, a journalist and at the same time «talking head» the media — my channel on Zen — I’m simply obliged to carry the opposite class of Russian investors the right thoughts and installations. «Bought and kept». «Do not even think to speculate.» «The market will not beat.» «The less transactions — the better.» Etc. etc.

And most importantly — so I argue with these wisdoms? Do I set them in doubt? Yes.


I reflected on the picture that pretended in the market. And so that you understand what — I’ll show you it — here’s over it.

And such thoughts in my gray head climbed. It is certainly, on the one hand I am a boron fate dividend investor. And my business quietly sit and wait for Mosbirja in May, and my dividends will pay me in October. But on the other hand, the parties and the dividend investor at the entrance to the stock exchange seems to be not necessarily head in the wardrobe. After all, in addition to dividends, there is a course increase in shares. And there is also a drop in them. And even the very variable investor it is worth viewing widely revealed glazinks carefully on schedules. And what will he see there? But what:

Mosbirja, then, from the moment of my very recent purchase, took, and he grabbed. And I would just have grown up — and she graduated from her, she beat their highs, and let’s put their records.

So I have the picture appropriate.

And and the prefather, too, as the dividend gap closed, so rushed up, as if it was to him Yesenin told, «reckoning his pants, flee behind Komsomol»))) and after all the records beats. Enter for an incredulous picture.

I looked at all this wonderful magnificence and fooling the air and there were bad thoughts. After all, as some know, in the recent past (and a little in the present) lawyer (who is interested — can read in the article «

And what to rejoice now ??? Do you count when actually vaccination will start? And when will the effect of it go? Especially the economic effect, and not medical. For example, in Moscow, in Moscow, only next week will begin to vaccinate the risk group — doctors, teachers, etc. That is, ordinary people — do not vaccinate yet.

But you must first promcocating everyone — it will take some time.

Then that their immunity appeared — it will take some time.

Then that the economy really rises — it will take some time.

Having aroused all these considerations, I came to non-optimistic conclusion — early the people began a banquet on the market in honor of the end of the pandemic. Therefore, in my opinion, it is reasonable to fix profits for the papers that set their historical maxima — Mosbirja and the prefab pref.

Sold them. 214 thousand arrived (before taxes — if you consider strictly).

And to acquire a timely polymetal. Considerations of mirrored topics for which the prefabs and Mosbirja selling.

Polymetal is not at the maximum (see picture).

Gold strange people who decided that the pandemic was behind, dropped from the maxima. But the pandemic did not end, this time. A and without any pandemic taken measures of all in the world of central banks on flooding a monetary system with no unsecured cash, the prices of gold in the sky, there and argue about what is two.

So I took a polymetal for all the funds reversed from the sale and mosbier.

What considerations stopped me, but did not manage to stop?

Well, first, general principles, «it seems to be to sit and do not dig.» Reassured himself with an old stock exchange proverb — «Never error fix profits»

Secondly, leaving these securities I miss their dividends. Reassured himself by the fact that in fact, their dividends I have already received ahead of time — from where the idea of the title of this article appeared. Further, I reasoned like this: dividends at the level of the Mosbierzhi are also predicted according to the polymetal and even higher than the predicts of the selection.

Third, leaving these papers, I may miss their course growth. Reassured himself by remembered Buffetta — in all games you do not take part. At the same time, the chances that Polymetal will grow, from the point when it is below his maximum and gold below its maximum I estimate much more preferable than the chances of the growth of Sberling and Mosbier, which are already at their maxima. Life will show if I was right.

Arithmetic is the interesting thing. Take for example a mosbier. I fixed the profit in the area of ​​16%. If you just sit and receive dividends, then I would get 9% in May 2021 and still how much in May 2022. Now I immediately got 16% for six months until May 2021. And until May 2022, I think that I will definitely catch the missed Benefit. Moreover, most likely the most simple way — entering the maiden on the drawdown. And they will not be allowed to buy a mosquirie on the drawdown — not trouble. The market is full of interesting securities and interesting ideas. And each of them can make any of us by a real millionaire))