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Every minuscule detail happening around you is felt in its entirety.

This does not mean that you read every word and remember every facet…but you do see it, smell it, hear it, taste it and feel it.

People with LLI (low latent inhibition) are incapable of seeing things in terms of labels. It can become a problem if the inhibition process is radically decreased. For most people, reality is experienced piecemeal, since they concentrate on one task at the exclusion of other things. LLI puts you in touch with the raw immediacy of reality.

While typing on the computer, hearing diminishes, smell diminishes – the awareness is narrowed. The overwhelming sensory input means that you experience everything simultaneously: the humming of the computer, the flickering of the monitor, the feel of the clothing you wear, your emotions, the bird in your garden, the smell of coffee…

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If you or your children have been diagnosed with any of the above, you may just have LLI, and medication prescribed for the above could cause severe long-term harm if you don’t actually have the condition it was prescribed for. (While I’ve re-written extensively, I can’t take credit for most of this, so thank you LLI group on Facebook).

For many of you, you probably found this page after watching an episode of Prison Break. As you grow, the mind learns to label objects and filter out extraneous information.

Luckily I have a genius-level IQ, and as far as I know I’m not insane 🙂 Who knows, it’s possible that some of the greatest minds in history, from Albert Einstein and Mozart to Leonardo da Vinci, may well have had LLI. Unfortunately, Low Latent Inhibition is difficult to spot, since it seems normal to the person who has it.

It could easily be diagnosed as things such as ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, APD (anti-social personality disorder) and in some cases even Tourette syndrome.

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