2 steps forward 1 step back dating

The phone call continued for 50 more minutes and we said our goodbyes. This time, I just stubbed my toe on the edge and decided to walk around the pit instead. I wonder if personal growth looks like that from above.

Cutout footprints that show the steps, kind of like you see in dance classes.

The only thing I knew is that I wasn’t going to stumble and fall on the half-buried emotional rock in front of me. Husband #2 spoke up about his feelings after only a few hours of gathering up the courage to approach me. But this time I listened and asked for more information and thanked him for sharing. I also told him how I noticed him speaking up about his feelings of hurt.

The conversation was turned to happy subjects, like our upcoming cruise travel and a future dinner date. Husband #2 and I have predictable ways of interacting when we start spiraling downward. I noticed the edge of the vortex before tripping over it and falling flat on my face into the depths. I can’t say that things were rosy and warm during that latest phone conversation, but I got out what I wanted to say and wished him a good day.

The theory states that a man will try to get closer if the woman retreats, and will retreat when a woman tries to get closer.On the one hand, I have to say that little good comes from dwelling on the past.If you spend your life looking back, you’re bound to trip.Life is short and with so much to see, who can blame you for wanting to experience it all?Now, take everything I just said and momentarily pretend I said nothing.

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We look ahead with hope and determination, one eye tracking the journey and the other fixed on the destination.

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