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If 100 of 1,000 affected individuals have a negative test result, the false negative rate in is 100/1,000 = .01 or 1%.Accuracy describes the proportion of all tests that are correctly called.The NIPT/Cell Free DNA Screening Performance Calculator (“Calculator”), also known as "NIPT/cf DNA Performance Calculator", is provided solely for use by healthcare professionals with an understanding of positive predictive value (“PPV”) and negative predictive value (“NPV”).The Calculator is intended to aid such healthcare professionals in counseling their patients about PPV and NPV relative to certain non-invasive prenatal tests (“NIPT”) and the clinical meaning of the patient’s screening results.If 1,000 of 99,000 unaffected individuals have a positive test result, the false positive rate is 1,000/99,000 = .01 or 1%.The False Negative Rate (FNR) reflects the percentage of affected cases which test negative.This calculator will allow you to estimate the Positive Predictive Value (PPV) and Negative Predictive Value (NPV) of noninvasive prenatal tests (NIPT), also known as Cell Free DNA Screening (cf DNA), based on estimates of population prevalence or by entering your own prevalence numbers.The results of this calculator only apply to patients who have a result from NIPT/cf DNA.

The Negative Predictive Value (NPV) represents the proportion of negative test results that are truly negative.In some cases, prevalence at gestational ages prior to 16 weeks may be higher, and prevalence at greater than 16 weeks may be lower, given the possibility of spontaneous loss in pregnancies with some chromosome conditions.The prevalence defaults may not be the best estimates of an individual patient’s prior risk for a chromosome condition.The calculator utilizes the incidence of trisomy chromosome conditions screened for by maternal age at 16 weeks gestational age.For some conditions, such as 45, X and the microdeletion conditions, the incidence does not vary significantly with maternal age.

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