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It would have passed much more quickly except for the faculty and a few students. It was the parents who were so angry.” Emma Winters, daughter of math teacher Joanne Winters, went so far as to put up a petition on Change.org, a laundry list of liberal talking points about homosexuality and parenting that some observers believe had to have been written in part by adults.

Before it was taken down altogether it garnered more than 1,000 signatures.

“In my home, there was outrage, embarrassment, sadness, disbelief, and further reason for my 16 year-old to move as far away from her religion as possible and as soon as she can.” She said, “the overall flavor and tone of the talk was that of overt sexism, the near bullying attitude toward gay men and women, facts and figures thrown out with no scientific basis whatsoever, grossly overstated generalizations regarding both the roles of men and women in relationships and in society, the sad state of children raised in one-parent homes, the perversion of the gay community in general.” One assumes Ms.

Earnhardt is fine with her daughter leaving such an unenlightened Church.

Did that stop the wolf-pack come to pick at his innards and suck on his bones?

The immediate result is that at least some teachers became enraged.The angry Tweets started before the nun’s talk ended. ” followed by a supportive amen chorus, “We got you, man.” Such was the level of debate that began even before the end of Sister Jane Dominic Laurel’s talk to an all-school assembly at Charlotte Catholic High School last month.The nun’s talked roiled the school, her religious congregation and the college where she teaches for weeks, became an internet sensation and a national scandal, and it appears to have started with students only half listening followed by a cacophony on social media, all the while egged on by faculty and a group of divorced parents.Their cries were like cries of pain from deep within their souls. Very few are willing to come right out and say they disagree with Church teaching, to announce they contracept, or believe in a woman’s right to abort, or that men who have sex with men can marry each other.One mother shared with me a text message she received from a dissenting mother.

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